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Clostridium chauvoei CCTA-GST /TCP1-GST Recombinant Protein

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Data sheet of Clostridium chauvoei CCTA-GST /TCP1-GST Recombinant Protein

Product typeProteins
Origin speciesClostridium chauvoei
Host speciesEscherichia coli (E. coli)

More info about Clostridium chauvoei CCTA-GST /TCP1-GST Recombinant Protein

Brand: ProteoGenix
Proteogenix reference: PX-P3067-10
Protein delivered with tag?: Yes
Size: 10 ug
Product name: Clostridium chauvoei CCTA-GST /TCP1-GST Recombinant Protein
Fragment type: Partial
Origin species: Clostridium chauvoei
Expression system: Prokaryotic expression
Host species: Escherichia coli (E. coli)
Molecular weight with tag if any: 59.52 kDa
Purity estimated: 0.6
Aliases / synonyms: CCT-alpha, CCT1, CCTa, D6S230E, TCP-1-alpha, D6S230E, Tcp1-like (TCP1) Protein
Form: Frozen
Buffer: Tris 50mM, NaCl 150mM ,pH7.5
Storage condition: 4°C for short term (1 week), -20°C or -80°C for long term (avoid freezing/thawing cycles; addition of 20-40% glycerol improves cryoprotection)
Delivery condition: Dry Ice
Delivery lead time in business days: 10-25
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Description: Cytotoxin (alpha hemolysin) secreted by the Clostridium chauvoei bacteria. This bacteria is known to cause blackleg disease in humans and animals, a zoonose classified as soil-borne disease: scientists have found a correlation between flooding and the amount of bacteria found in the soil (the spores are redistributed to then contaminate soils, pastures, and water)
Publications: 1: Frey J, Johansson A, Bürki S, Vilei EM, Redhead K. Cytotoxin CctA, a major virulence factor of Clostridium chauvoei conferring protective immunity against myonecrosis. Vaccine. 2012 Aug 10;30(37):5500-5. doi: 10.1016/j.vaccine.2012.06.050. Epub 2012 Jun 27. PubMed PMID: 22749595.

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